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Are you an avid user of Nero products, or maybe already an expert?

Do you know that Nero has an MVP* Program including exclusive benefits?

We are looking for dedicated Nero fans who would like to join our MVP* program.

If you are interested, just send us an email to [E-Mail-Adresse entfernt] and tell us why you are the perfect MVP*.

We will get back to you, providing you further information about the program and maybe inviting you directly…

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Nero Team

*MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional

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    Re: Do you enjoy using Nero software?
    I used Nero very often years ago.
    It was an always working, highly configurable burning software solution.

    Later when Nero started to become a huge all-in-one media package, i looked forward to other solutions.

    now it's full of things i don't want or i dont need and its interface changed from a clear browser-based-view to some "everything has a wizard... somewhere"-thing, what i dislike.

    sometimes.. you just want to burn a custom data dvd..
    (and don't want to create a cover, resample audio, cut videosequences and don't want to get questions all the time)

    what i also dont like is that nero comes with an agent, that is active all the time and inspecting to many things in my system.

    i really hope that gives some feedback to your question
    "Do you enjoy using Nero software?" and may helps to improve it.

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    Re: Do you enjoy using Nero software?
    Sorry, but I do not use Nero Software and I'm not interessted about it.
    Well greatings
    - peter ritter -
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    Re: Do you enjoy using Nero software?
    sry that i haven`t gave you an answer of your Question but i hope the problem is solved

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