Need Advice For Machine Learning

Hello all,

I am reaching out because, I am start exploring machine learning tools to enhance my education and career opportunities. Could you help me out with some beginner-friendly options? Your opinions on how these tools could influence my professional path would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you know any good online courses or tutorials, I’d be grateful for the recommendations.

Mark Smith


The extent to which machine learning will influence your profession in the future and whether knowledge of the function and programming of such algorithms will bring you an advantage depends largely on your job and your professional environment.

wer-weiss-was is a German-language platform, by the way. Perhaps an English-language forum could facilitate the exchange.


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Ich bin gerade nach Manchester gekommen und diese Community-Seite funktionierte auf Englisch. Ich habe auf Deutsch getippt, aber auf dieser Website wurde es auf Englisch angezeigt.